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All Time Low | The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver (x)

Our station played “A Love Like War” by All Time Low today at the college cafetreria and a guy came up an said “omfg what glorious music is this!? I must know the name of this band and song!” lol

Finding out that someone that knows you personally has been following you for a while now

  • Mayday Parade is releasing new music
  • All Time Low + Vic Fuentes are releasing new music
  • You Me At Six is releasing new music

INSTEAD, Here’s a list of bands and band members from my experiences who you can meet for free and will talk to you as if you were their long lost friend.

  • The Maine: John O’Callaghan, Kennedy Brock, Jared Monaco, Pat Kirch, Garret Nickelsen
  • You Me At Six: Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Chris Miller, Matt Barnes, Dan Flint.
  • Chiodos: Craig Owens, Bradley Bell, Thomas Erak, Matt Goddard, Derrick Frost, Pat Macmanaman 
  • Man Overboard: Zac Einstein, Nik Bruzzese, Justin Collier, Wayne Wildrick, Joe Talarico
  • Pierce The Veil: Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Tony Perry, Jaime Preciado
  • Blessthefall: Beau Bokan, Eric Lambert, Jared Warth, Matt Traynor, Elliot Gruenberg
  • We The Kings: Travis Clark, Danny Duncan, Charles Trippy, Hunter Thomsen, Coley O’Toole
  • All Time Low: Alex Gaskarth, Rian Dawson, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick
  • Mayday Parade: Derek Sanders, Alex Garcia, Jeremy Lenzo, Jake Bundrick, Brooks Betts

Spend your time on these guys instead. I recommend it, especially The Maine.

All Time Low fandom right now

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?? the one time Im not in town and this shit happens!??? Fuck
I am 500% done with myself. idek I was just messing with photoshop lol
Sometimes I like to go on my own page and play with my cursor of Alex’s face. I place it over faces on posts and laugh to myself …lol at my life
idek what Jack was trying to do here. lol (5.10.13) -Spring Fever Tour