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Backseat Serenade (Acoustic) - All Time Low

Friday, 27 September 5,237 Plays

Video I recorded at Warped Tour of Sleeping With Sirens' acoustic set performing “With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear” (8.5.12) Portland, OR. His voice gave me a freakin eargasm. I was just like asdfghjdkljhgdsjhglkl the entire time <3

Just got this today and I am having multiple eargasms asdfghjhjhgklkhjkl its soooooo good
Listening to Eatmewhileimhot’s new album. Chris’s voice…

… his voice is freaking giving me an eargasm! lol

I find Chris’s hardcore side very attractive

MGMT - Electric Feel (2006 Demo Version)

Probably the most Vanwyngasmic version of this song <3

The way he says “baby girl” asdhgsfjsdgfjhdkjfghjsdlllll

Monday, 23 January 4,601 Plays


Never Shout Never-Lost at Sea

Sometimes I just want to be Lost at Sea


Sunday, 6 November 379 Plays