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Never Shout Never // Until You’re Mine

AKA “Upside Down Kisses”

Me with Hayden and Taylor …the pic quality sucks cause it was taken with my iPod >.<


Songs of the Revolution: “Silver Ecstasy” - Never Shout Never

I remember when I went to go see him live, I was in the first row and he preformed this song …he preformed it and sung it so beautifully that I literally got chills when he was singing the last part. No Joke. <3

A Cute Silly moment I recorded of Christofer Drew during the Live show <3

Live at the Grove of Anaheim 9-30-11

NeverShoutNever’s Live Sound check/ V.I.P Pre-show <3

Live at The Grove of Anaheim 9-30-11

He also explains in the video how he doesn’t want to talk about his injuries :(

NeverShoutNever performing Time Travel Live at The Grove of Anaheim

Never Shout Never during the pre-show. 9-30-11




Time Travel by Never Shout Never

;_; I can’t wait to meet them! 8 more days! <3