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Listening to The Maine:

Listening and seeing The Maine live:

The Maine - F**ked Up Kids
New album comes out in 3 days! 
  • The Maine: Here have some free music
  • The Maine: Here have a wristband
  • The Maine: Wanna learn how to play some of our songs on guitar, here let our guitarist give you a video lesson.
  • The Maine: If you buy our album, a concert ticket comes with it
  • The Maine: During our live sets lets pay attention to every single fan that comes to our show, even that one girl way in the back.
  • The Maine: Our new album is coming out and you can buy it if you want and you can bundle it with whatever merch you like.
  • The Maine: Here have a FREE new song off our new album that hasn't even come out yet.
  • The Maine: Its freezing cold outside, we have to go, security is telling us to leave, and we've been out here for 2-3 hours, but we wanna talk to everyone that came to our show

THE MAINE IS and forever will be my number one band in this entire world. 

that 3rd picture tho <3

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Digi Dino - I’ve Got Ball Hair Ya Heard

John O’Callaghan, Eric Halvorsen, and Jared Monaco during their teen years

Omfg! I am dying of laughter right now lol XD I can’t…

Thursday, 12 July 210 Plays