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Christofer Drew (NSN) Has “Two Felonies”; May No Longer Tour Internationally For Time Being


Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never confirmed on The Gunz Show that following his recent arrest he now has two felonies. Due to this, Never Shout Never may no longer be able to tour internationally for the time being. Drew also confirmed that he is going off of “hard drugs” to stop pushing away the people he loves. Listen to the full interview here and read what Drew had to say below by clicking “Read More.”

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Karma? :\


Wow and the list keeps growing…

Blessthefall <3


Wow and the list keeps growing…

Beau Bokan  lol <3

Your Ex-Biggest Fan...
  • Bryan Stars: I'm a really big fan of yours but I'm quite the joke to you, but Chris it wasn't a joke in 2010 when you gave me your sunglasses and called me sexy and talked about your morning poop.
  • I'm a little bit insecure from all of this mis-treatment, but see I'm working it out,
  • workin' it out is so damn hard when you're not a famous musician...
  • Sha da da da da da da da da da Da da da da da da da da da
  • I am running out of words to say to you, wondering why I've wasted my time. Thinking back and wondering why I'm such a fool for idolizing you.
  • And I get to the point where all I wanted for us to make up but its not that easy cause Chris you insult so quickly ...keeping a boy like me at the edge of his seat.
  • And I know everything you do is all about your perfect image.
  • Well I hope this interview helps your image
  • Sha da da da da da da da da da da Da da da
  • I'm so over you now!
  • Christofer Drew: I regret nothing but I'm gonna do some damage control
How I feel about Christofer Drew & NSN now…

I dont hate them, I just dont feel the same way about the band anymore

Wow and the list keeps growing…

Idk I feel like all of Chris’s recent twitter interactions and live shows are just damage control

and it breaks my heart even more. Chris rarely does live shows or spends most of the day tweeting people back. Once in a rare while is when these things happen. Now that it has been brought to his attention that they have lost 700,000+ fans on facebook, he decides to do all of this. I know he’s being all cutesy and happy in the livestream but I can’t shake the feeling that its all an act for damage control. I don’t know what to think anymore :\


That’s crazy.
  • *2009*
  • Christofer Drew: Every girl deserves someone who will love them forever not just one night.
  • *2012*
  • *Sleeps with Groupies*
  • Christofer Drew: I called a girl I barely knew, I only knew her by first name...
  • *2009*
  • Christofer Drew: Love Is My Weapon!
  • *2012*
  • *Bar fights*
  • Christofer Drew: You're a joke
  • *2010*
  • Christofer Drew: No one deserves to be cheated on, that's what the song cheatercheaterbestfriendeater is all about
  • *2012*
  • *Cheat on Kristin*
  • *2009*
  • Christofer Drew: I'm stoked on life, I'm high on life
  • *2012*
  • *try every drug*
  • *2009*
  • Christofer Drew: I love Jesus!
  • *2012*
  • Christofer Drew: the red-tailed hawk is my spirit guide
  • *2009*
  • Christofer Drew: Positivity is the key to inner peace
  • *2012*
  • Christofer Drew: IDGAF
  • *2009*
  • Christofer Drew: The music Industry sucks
  • *2012*
  • Christofer Drew: I like the music industry. i basically regeret writing sellout. Buy my GONZO album
Oh NOW he replies to me &gt;:\
This Why I’ve lost some respect for Never Shout Never

A. Those silly questions are mostly made up by fans that send those questions in

B. Not answering questions or ignoring someone is just messed up

C. Chris KNOWS how Bryan’s interviews are then why the fuck did he agree to the interview?

D. I hate the fact that Chris was mostly acting like this because he was trying to impress The New York Times.

E. Chris didn’t even watch the “R.I.P NSN” video, and he based the rumor off of the title of the video.

F. No one, no matter how stupid or important someone’s job is should be called a joke and make them feel like a worthless piece of shit, which is what Chris managed to do to Bryan.

G. Whatever happened to the “Love is My Weapon” Chris, back during the Harmony days? :’(

I am truly dissapointed. I have met Chris twice and I dont think I’ll have the same respect for him after watching that interview

Ugh I don’t even know what to say or do…


I’ve been bawling my eyes out since the interview. Honestly, it’s the worst feeling in the world to see your idol whom you’ve loved and looked up to for over 3 years change into the person he said he’d never be. I love Chris with all my heart but I am so disappointed in him right now. 

I dont think I can look at Christofer Drew the same way after that Bryanstars interview

I mean I get that he wanted serious questions but he didn’t have to go and make Bryan feel like a piece of shit. And freaking Hayden wasn’t having any of it wtf he was completely ignoring everything. I’m just heartbroken right now :’(