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Complex Heart - Never Shout Never

*sigh* …This song

Friday, 27 January 289 Plays

I can’t believe I recorded this <3 My favorite day ever :)

Never Shout Never 9-30-11

These Gifs were recorded by me and made by me :) <3

Just a little mediocre drawing I did. It was a sketch doodle for a bigger painting I was gonna make of it  but then I decided to color it in a little :}


Songs of the Revolution: “Silver Ecstasy” - Never Shout Never

I remember when I went to go see him live, I was in the first row and he preformed this song …he preformed it and sung it so beautifully that I literally got chills when he was singing the last part. No Joke. <3


made this gif of video I took during Never Shout Never’s Time Travel tour :)

Live 9-30-11